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Resource Sector Leading the Way in Canada’s Future

Resource Sector Leading the Way in Canada’s Future

OTTAWA, ON – February 20, 2019 – Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched Resources of the Future (ROTF) in an...

OTTAWA, ON – February 20, 2019 – Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce launched Resources of the Future (ROTF) in an effort to start a dialogue about the positive role Canada’s resource sector can play in advancing digitalization, leading climate action, creating new partnerships with Indigenous communities and providing social and economic development across Canada.

“There is no question that our resource sector, like many other sectors of the economy, will be reshaped by the fourth industrial revolution. While there are many challenges ahead of the sector, there are also significant opportunities. The Resources of the Future podcasts aim to start a dialogue about these opportunities, the innovation and foresight being exercised by our resource companies, and the policy choices we need to make to realize our resource sector’s full potential, to the benefit of every Canadian,” said Dr. Aaron Henry, Senior Director of Natural Resources and Global Sustainability at the Canadian Chamber.  

To highlight the importance of the Canadian resource sector and the efforts being put forward by different leaders in the sector, the Canadian Chamber has launched with a ROTF podcast. Over the coming months, the podcasts will dive into what the resource sector is doing to contribute to a more sustainable world, as well its relationship with indigenous communities and its efforts to fight climate change. In the first episode, the Canadian Chamber talks about innovation, value chains and some of the big opportunities and challenges facing the resource sector. A new episode will be available every second Thursday on

To join in on the conversation and learn more about the different ways organizations in Canada’s resource sector are building a better tomorrow follow or use #ROTF on Twitter. You can also visit us at

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