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Canadian Chamber welcomes WTO Ottawa Group progress and calls for action on distortive industrial subsidies

Canadian Chamber welcomes WTO Ottawa Group progress and calls for action on distortive industrial subsidies

(OTTAWA) – June 15, 2020 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement on today’s Ottawa Group ministerial meeting....

(OTTAWA) – June 15, 2020 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement on today’s Ottawa Group ministerial meeting.

“Canada’s economic recovery after COVID-19 relies on participation in global supply chains. This includes sourcing critical products for consumers and being able to export abroad.

Core to achieving these objectives is the World Trade Organization. We welcome the Government of Canada and Minister Ng’s continued leadership efforts to use the Ottawa Group as a platform for likeminded countries to make progress at the WTO.

The Ottawa Group’s action plan is a crucial milestone. The imperative of increasing transparency amongst WTO members has been underscored by export controls enacted by countries in response to COVID-19. Canadian businesses cannot succeed in international markets if they are subject to arbitrary whims.

We also welcome the importance the Ottawa Group has given to the Joint Statement Initiative on E-commerce. Having coherent digital trade and data rules is critical for Canadian companies that operate internationally. The E-commerce initiative is also important for enhancing trade facilitation provisions that enable companies to move goods across borders and reach new customers. 

As the Ottawa Group sets its priorities, tackling trade-distorting subsidies must on their agenda. If governments are permitted to subsidies their domestic industries under the guise 0f COVID-19 recovery assistance, it will create an uneven and unfair playing field for Canadian companies.

The Canadian Chamber looks forward to continuing to support the government’s efforts to reform the WTO and leverage our international business networks at the OECD, G7, G20, International Chamber of Commerce, and Global Business Coalition.”

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