Media Releases Jun 02, 2020

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Statement on Racism

In recent days, we have all witnessed the ugly toll taken by racism and bigotry.

Sadly, we Canadians are reminded all too frequently that our country is not immune. The virus of hatred, which divides Canadians based on the colour of their skin or their families’ places of origin, denies the very humanity of many of our fellow citizens. We must fight racism with the same sense of unity and determination as we are demonstrating in our battle against the pandemic.

Like all other Canadians, our businesses benefit from the rich diversity of our citizens. It is a source of strength that adds to the social, cultural and economic well-being of every one of us. We celebrate that diversity and we call upon Canadians to reject racism in all of its forms. We must work together to build a society that is based on respect and equality for all of its members.