Media Releases Dec 16, 2019

Canada’s fiscal update a house of cards, says Canadian Chamber of Commerce

OTTAWA, ON – December 16, 2019 – Today, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Economist and Vice President of Policy and Advocacy, Trevin Stratton, issued the following statement regarding today’s economic and fiscal update.

“Regrettably, the government has increased its deficit forecasts, despite a weaker fiscal position than originally anticipated.

The Canadian Chamber is disappointed to see that government continues to refuse to set a plan to eliminate the deficit, as advocated in our Roadmap to Prosperity.

Instead, today’s update makes deficits an enduring fixture of our fiscal plan, which still incurs what we believe to be untenable levels of debt that future generations will have to pay for.

Our perpetual structural deficit will put Canada in a difficult position to use fiscal stimulus should it be required in the event of a widely expected global downturn. Should a foul economic wind blow at anytime in the next four years, this fiscal house of cards will inevitably fall.

Finally, and perhaps most critically, there was little discussion whatsoever about helping the most critical drivers of Canada’s economy; Canadian businesses. And yet, the Finance Minister today hinted that business needs to invest more to help the economy.

As outlined in the Canadian Chamber’s Roadmap to Prosperity, an oppressive and rapidly declining regulatory environment continues to be the main reason why Canadian and foreign companies choose to invest elsewhere. Addressing this structural issue is well within the federal government’s power to correct.

The Canadian Chamber and the 200,000 businesses its pan-Canadian network represents stands ready to work with the 43rd Parliament to help our shared economy grow. We need a willing partner to do so.”

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