Executive Summit Series

Our Executive Summit Series are quarterly virtual events that bring together senior executives and thought leaders for a dialogue on top issues affecting Canadian business.

These half-day virtual conferences will dive deep into discussions surrounding the specific measures our political leaders need to consider to ensure a sharp and lasting recovery for all Canadians.

At each event, participants will hear from our President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, Canada’s most influential business leaders and members of the federal government as we look towards harnessing the creativity of Canadian businesses to ignite the innovative public policies needed to foster a sustainable economic recovery.

Re-globalization in a Business-led Recovery

May 12

Our May event will feature two panels. The first will be on the Global Economic Landscape and include some top economists focusing on the U.S. and Canada’s place within the changing global environment. The second panel will focus on Digital Trade and discuss the role of ecommerce and cross-border data flows in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Aerospace and the Space Economy

September 8

More details coming soon.

Building from the Ground up: Positioning Our Communities as Leaders of Post-COVID Recovery

November 24

More details coming soon.

Past Events

Thank you to everyone who attended our March 25 Executive Summit Series. Recordings from the day will be available shortly.

Thank you to our May 12 event sponsors