Executive Summit Series

Our Executive Summit Series are quarterly virtual events that bring together senior executives and thought leaders for a dialogue on top issues affecting Canadian business.

These half-day virtual conferences will dive deep into discussions surrounding the specific measures our political leaders need to consider to ensure a sharp and lasting recovery for all Canadians.

At each event, participants will hear from our President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, Canada’s most influential business leaders and members of the federal government as we look towards harnessing the creativity of Canadian businesses to ignite the innovative public policies needed to foster a sustainable economic recovery.

Aerospace and the Space Economy: Our Future in Space Is Now

September 15

We will be diving into the new golden age of aerospace and space exploration that is unfolding before our eyes, including how the biggest players are finding the incredible talent required to launch it, and how Canada can seize the opportunity.

Space has become accessible like never before: from digitally connecting our planet in unprecedented ways to whole new worlds of resources to mine, extraordinary scientific discovery and vacations that were once purely the realm of science fiction, humankind is poised to venture out into the cosmos. But getting there requires new ways of thinking, the brightest minds, advanced aerospace development and a high-tech talent pool like the world has never seen.

Fireside Chats with:

  • Mike Rousseau, President & CEO, Air Canada
  • Daniel Goldberg, President & CEO, Telesat

We will be joined by thought leaders from:

• Bombardier
• De Havilland Aircraft of Canada
• Edmonton International Airport
• Leap Biosystems
• Maritime Launch Services
• Satellite Canada Innovation Network
• Telesat
• United Launch Alliance (ULA)

Panel Discussions

The Sky is Not the Limit 

The opportunities are almost as vast as space itself. This panel will dive into digital connectivity, mining, scientific exploration, and tourism. How we find and develop the workforce to realize the opportunities that are before us will also be considered. 

Ready for Takeoff

Aviation in Canada is vibrant with a wealth of expertise, history and leadership, but are barriers to success and growth holding us back? Hear from some of Canada’s aviation leaders on both the opportunities and challenges to growing aviation in Canada.

Canada, Poised for Launch 

Canada is a country that has consistently punched above its weight in space, but the future is not guaranteed. This panel will explore how our country can maintain and grow its leadership position in the final frontier. 

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NEW DATE! Canadian Cannabis: A Growing Economic Sector at Home and Abroad

November 10

We are excited to be hosting the first summit geared specifically to the growing cannabis sector in Canada.  The summit will feature industry experts highlighting the opportunities, impacts and challenges associated with business in the cannabis sector.  From licensed producers to retailers to ancillary businesses, this summit will feature experts from across the industry. 

More details and a full agenda coming soon.

Building from the Ground up: Positioning Our Communities as Leaders of Post-COVID Recovery

November 24

More details coming soon.

Past Events

Thank you to everyone who attended our March 25 and May 12 Executive Summit Series.

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