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The Critical Minerals Council

The Critical Minerals Council

Critical minerals are essential materials that enable the production of consumer products, defence and industrial applications, and our ability to transition to a low carbon economy.

Critical minerals are essential materials that enable the production of consumer products, defence and industrial applications, and our ability to transition to a low carbon economy.

Executing an effective critical minerals strategy is vital to reinforcing Canada’s global brand as a secure and sustainable supplier for domestic and international markets as well as facilitating investments required to expand national critical minerals stockpiles and supply chains.

To support this, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with public and private sector leaders to strengthen all segments of critical minerals supply chains, from mineral exploration to closed loop recycling. Without collaborative partnerships between private and public sector stakeholders, the continuation of these benefits could be put at risk. Likewise, economic and job-creating opportunities for Canadians from the sustainable extraction and processing of critical minerals could be lost.

The Chamber is enhancing touch points between upstream and downstream organizations, economic and environmental ambitions, and industry and Indigenous stakeholders. In so doing, we hope to propel the sustainable development of critical mineral supply chains in Canada and provide global markets with the resources required to transition to a low carbon future. 

In 2022 the Critical Minerals Council released the report entitled, Enhancing Domestic Critical Mineral Supply Chains. The report highlights several areas of opportunity to expand Canada’s critical mineral-related industries in the following supply chains: Electric Vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, advanced materials and fertilizers. Secondly, supported by industry interviews, the report develops a set of policy recommendations to address barriers and accelerate growth of these industries in Canada. Read more.

The Council

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and its members have a leadership role in making recommendations on natural resources policy, including national procurement policies, export strategies, and environmental targets. The Canadian Critical Minerals Council is dedicated to advancing business leadership on resource extraction, processing, usage, export, and recycling.

The Critical Minerals Council will work throughout 2022 to support knowledge sharing, networking, research, and advocacy aimed at bolstering Canada’s standing as a secure and sustainable source of critical minerals. Members of the Council are committed to ensuring harmony between economic and environmental considerations.

Together, the Critical Minerals Council will inform critical minerals policy through continuous engagement, research, and thought leadership.

Critical Minerals Council Co-Chairs

Marcella Munro
Teck Resources

Scott Mackenzie
Toyota Canada Inc.

For more information on the Critical Minerals Council, please contact Bryan Detchou, Senior Director, Natural Resources, Environment & Sustainability.

Key Issues

Environment. The supply of critical minerals is vital to the development and deployment of low carbon infrastructure. Solar, wind, and nuclear energy infrastructure all require critical minerals supplied that are available in Canada. Ensuring the sustainable extraction and secure supply of these minerals will be essential to the decarbonization of energy production as well as the electrification of consumer transportation.

Indigenous Engagement. Canada’s mining industry has built successful partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada. The expansion of critical mineral supply chains will present continued and new opportunities for partnerships that can mutually advance community and economic development. 

Innovation. Innovation in the private sector is vital for the secure and sustainable supply of critical minerals. To encourage innovation across supply chains, government and the business community must work together to create a competitive environment for new investment in infrastructure and technologies.

National Security. Developing critical mineral supply chains within Canada and North America will reduce Canadian dependence on overseas critical minerals vital for our continued way of life. Canada must develop and protect our supply of critical minerals and work with allies to advance resiliency and shared economic and environmental interests.

Trade. Canada’s natural resource companies must continue to meet the demands of international markets. We must ensure that the trade of critical minerals does not face barriers and restrictions, while also providing our private sector with the tools to seize trade opportunities.


On February 15, 2022, the Canadian Chamber’s Senior Director Natural Resources, Environment, and Sustainability, David Billedeau, appeared at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry and Technology. He explained how an effective critical minerals strategy will unlock significant opportunities for Canada. Read more.


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