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Council for Women’s Advocacy

Council for Women’s Advocacy

The Council for Women’s Advocacy brings the voice and perspectives of women to national policies.

The Council for Women’s Advocacy brings the voice and perspectives of women to national policies, informing the Canadian Chamber’s initiatives in advancing the gender equality agenda, and driving meaningful action to address the issues and barriers women face to fully participate and thrive in the economy.

The COVID-19 pandemic had disproportionate effects on women and has threatened the progress made in women’s economic participation. Despite some signs of recovery, some research suggests that Canada’s economic recovery has proven to be as unequal as the initial downturn. Longstanding gender inequalities in the labour market, such as the wage gap and the chronic underrepresentation of women in higher-paying industries and in senior and executive-level roles, also persist.

As Canada pursues a post-pandemic recovery, it is crucial to increase our efforts to address the barriers faced by women and advance gender equality. If women’s full economic participation falls behind, we will not have a strong and growing economy.

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Kevin McCreadie
AGF Management Limited

Penny Wise
3M Canada

For more information on the Council for Women’s Advocacy, please contact Diana Palmerin-Velasco, Senior Director, Future of Work.

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