Resources of the Future

We wish to start a dialogue about the positive role Canada’s resource sector can play in navigating digitalization, leading climate action, creating new partnerships with Indigenous communities and providing social and economic development across Canada.

We invite you to join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ROTF and learn more about the organizations that are building our shared tomorrow.

The Resource Sector and Canada’s Indigenous Communities

Resource companies are major employers of Indigenous people and provide significant benefits to many Indigenous communities across Canada. Tune in to learn more about how communities and businesses are working together to deepen the dialogue and find balance between development, tradition and ecological sustainability.

Canada’s Silicon Valley

Our resource sector is an incubator of new technologies and brings together Canada’s many high-tech hubs. From the application of machine learning, drones and automation, Canada’s resource sector will shape how Canadians experience the fourth industrial revolution. Learn more about the opportunities and the policy challenges faced by one of Canada’s fastest changing sectors.

Sustainability and the Low-carbon Future

Canada’s resource sector has many roles to play in the transition to a lower carbon economy, both domestically and internationally. From providing the minerals for renewable technologies to creating cleaner power grids in Canada and displacing higher emitting fuels elsewhere, our resource sector has the drive and knowledge to be a world leader in effective climate change action. Tune in to learn more about how Canada’s resource companies are contributing to a more sustainable world.

Thriving Economies and Communities

To you it might just look like a road, but for many communities in Canada, the supply roads built by resource companies are connections to friends, more affordable goods and services and to new opportunities. Canada’s resource companies build strong communities and their contribution to economic growth and social development ties Kitimat to Sarnia and Sudbury to St. John’s. Tune in to learn how our resource companies continue to build strong communities across Canada.

Resource Champions

The following organizations are proud to support Canada’s resource sector.


Episode 7: A discussion with the Mining Association of Canada

In this episode we are joined by Brendan Marshall, Vice President Economic and Northern Affairs from the Mining Association of Canada. We take a deep dive into critical minerals and metals and discuss how the economics of the energy transition and geopolitics, are making the extraction, supply and access to critical minerals and metals a key policy issue. Tune into this episode and hear more about the momentous opportunity ahead for Canada’s mining sector!

Episode 6: Mosaic’s innovate use of fertilizer leads to growth across the resource sector

In this episode of the Resources of the Future we sit down with Sarah Fedorchuk of Mosaic to discuss their role as one of the worlds largest fertilizer producer in supporting innovation, combating climate change, creating partnerships with indigenous communities and fostering social and economic development across Canada. We also get a chance to hear more about Mosaic’s Time to dig deeper campaign and their 2025 ESG targets, as well as the importance of Canada’s potash industry and the opportunities for growth as we navigate climate change and the economic impact of COVID-19.

Episode 5: The Future of Electricity in Canada and its role in Canada’s Net-Zero Economy

In this episode, we hear from Francis Bradley, President of the Canadian Electricity Association, as we talk about the future of electricity in Canada. We cover everything from cybersecurity risks, connected grids and big data utility bills that might just come with cookies. Learn where the industry is headed and how it will play a role in Canada’s aspirations for a net-zero economy by 2050.

Episode 4: Diving in to Data: ConocoPhillips and Data Analytics

In this episode, we get an exclusive interview with Patrick Stanley, ConocoPhillips Canada Data Analytics Manager, on the ways that data analytics are giving them a critical edge in an ever-competitive global environment. Data analytics have been used to ensure that employees have the information they need, and also to find new ways to reduce the emission intensity of ConocoPhillips’ energy products. Tune in to get better sense of how our resource sector is at the heart of Canada’s fourth industrial revolution.

Episode 3: An Insider’s Post-Mortem of COP 25

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Katie Sullivan of International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) for an inside scoop on where COP 25 left off, with particular attention paid to the challenges that continue to frustrate a global consensus on Article Six. We’ll also learn what will most likely be on the Agenda for COP 26.

Episode 2: A Story of Continuous Dialogue, Halfway River First Nation and ConocoPhillips

In this episode, we get an exclusive take on Chief Darlene Hunter’s vision for the future of her community and how continuous dialogue with ConocoPhillips has been critical to the preservation of traditional ways of living for the community and ensuring stewardship of the land. We also hear from Brad Bonner, President and CEO of the Halfway River Group of Companies, who has been key in helping the Halfway River Group to develop its own assets and resources to support the financial strength of the community both today and in years to come.

Episode 1: Launching Resources of the Future Campaign

In this episode, we kick off the Resources of the Future campaign with an interview with our very own VP of Policy and Chief Economist Dr. Trevin Stratton. In this episode we talk about innovation, value chains and some of the big opportunities and challenges facing our resource sector. From climate change to regulatory policy, it all begins here.

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