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What It Takes to Grow

Priorities for Canada’s next Parliament

Canadians everywhere want to look past the pandemic and know what comes next. While they can expect many spending announcements, lofty promises of jobs and boutique tax cuts during this election, what they’re looking for has been missing so far. Conspicuously absent in the election to date is a serious, sustainable, and bold plan to grow our economy, despite the fact the economy is concern number one for Canadians.

Cyber. Right. Now.

Leading the Global Cybersecurity Future

In an increasingly interconnected and digital world, accelerated by the pandemic, cybersecurity is an ever more vital topic for Canadians, government, and businesses alike.

Canada’s FoodLink

From our farms to your homes.

The link between agriculture and keeping Canadians fed is something we’re all a part of. Whether we think of it each time we have a meal, or not, doesn’t change the work and care that has gone into it.

A Competitive Net-Zero Strategy

As Canada and Canadians move towards a greener, more sustainable, net-zero future, the business community is leading the way. Through leading investments in renewable energy, to a greener grid, to increasing climate action throughout our supply chains, there is much for Canada’s business community to be proud of and for government to support.

Our Trading Future

Renewing the Canada-U.S. Relationship

Amid a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, Canada and the United States each face a time of transition given we are each other’s most important trading partner. This period of transition in turn creates additional uncertainty – and opportunity – for businesses on both sides of the border. In this time, a renewed focus on building trade security and resiliency are of vital interest for Canadians and Americans alike.

Think Growth: Harnessing Canada’s Tax System for Inclusive Recovery and Growth

The extraordinary economic damage of COVID-19 will require new and bold responses to help Canada recover. We are conducting an independent tax review to help identify what needs to happen to grow our economy out of this crisis and generate the revenue needed to pay for pandemic spending. Reconceiving our tax system to rebuild our economy will be critical to Canada’s ability to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Our Restaurants

When the pandemic hit, restaurants were among the first and the hardest hit of the sectors. Our Restaurants is aimed at raising awareness of the restaurants and food services industry and the contributions they make to each community and the country as a whole. As cornerstones in our communities, we want to encourage governments at all levels to take measures to allow restaurants to survive.

Inclusive Growth: A Canada for all Canadians

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to foster business competitiveness and a strong economic environment that benefits all Canadians. To deliver on this mission, we are committed to inclusive growth and enhancing support for members to fill their talent and skills gaps, and in doing so, increase opportunities for underrepresented segments of the Canadian population to participate fully in the economy and ensuring an inclusive recovery.

Our inclusive growth work builds on our efforts in the area of fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces and will support businesses looking to fill their talent and skills gaps, expanding their workforce base. In doing so, we will enhance opportunities for underrepresented segments of the Canadian population to participate in the economy and foster stronger communities across the country, resulting in a more prosperous Canada that benefits all Canadians.

Regulate Smarter

Canada’s regulatory system is a mix of complex, overlapping rules from all levels of government that has created a costly and uncertain environment to run a business. It’s time elected officials, regulators and businesses work together to fix it. Business productivity, innovation and, ultimately, Canada’s economic growth depend on it.

Roadmap to Recovery

In the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic, it is difficult for Canadians, their families, businesses and governments to look beyond confronting the immediate effects of COVID-19. However, even as Canadians continue supporting each other today, we must also begin looking over the horizon to the post-COVID-19 world to start planning how our country and economy can emerge stronger. Our Roadmap to Recovery lays out nine policy areas and specific measures our political leaders must start considering to help ensure a sharp and lasting recovery.