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Music Cities


The term “Music City” is becoming widely used in cultural communities and has penetrated the political vernacular in many cities around the world. Once identified solely with Tennessee’s storied capital of song writing and music business, Nashville, Music City now also describes communities of various sizes that have a vibrant music economy that they actively promote. Alliances are being formed among cities that see value in partnering to enhance their music success, Music City accreditations are being discussed and defined and Music City panels are popping up at conferences around the globe.

There is also growing recognition among governments and other stakeholders that Music Cities can deliver significant economic and employment benefits beyond the long-acknowledged cultural and social benefits. Quite suddenly, there is a lot of interest in becoming a Music City and how to make one succeed.

In Canada, cities from Gander to Victoria are examining ways in which they can adapt the Music City model for their community. Chambers of commerce have an opportunity to carve out a leadership role as this dialogue is emerging.


Music Cities Toolkit

Effective Strategies

Benefits for the community

Benefits for the chamber of commerce


Information regarding music licencing and business. This piece is produced and graciously shared by the City of Vancouver.