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Climate Smart Chambers


What Is Climate Smart Chambers?

With national carbon pricing expected throughout Canada in 2018, businesses will have to start thinking about carbon costs the same way they think about labour, energy or the other costs of doing business. Managing this new cost line well will lead to a competitive advantage. Managing it poorly can hurt the bottom line and leave opportunities on the table.

Many small businesses face a steep learning curve when it comes to managing carbon costs. Since 2008, Climate Smart Businesses has helped small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The Canadian Chamber is partnering with this award-winning social enterprise to provide chambers and boards of trade with tools to help their SME members make some green by going green. 

Is this the year you take your business to the next level?

Being successful in business means being committed to innovation and driven to find efficiencies. Remember the fax machine?

Business practices have changed, and the way we operate now is unrecognizable to the “normal” practices of just five years ago. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting members to take action on climate change. The effects of our warming climate are not distant or remote: they are resulting in longer, drier summers with increased threat of wildfire and drought all across Canada, right now. In the face of this challenge, leaders of businesses large and small are taking action – not only because it feels good, but because it is benefiting their bottom line.

One of the easiest first steps is to become Climate Smart certified. The Climate Smart program empowers businesses to track and reduce losses from ineffective energy, fuel and waste management. Through small-group training sessions, expert one-on-one coaching, and customized reporting and analysis, businesses are set up to future-proof their operational costs with an aggressive return on the investment.

Benefits to Climate Smart Certification

  • practical tools to cut costs associated with energy, waste, water and fuel
  • reduce risks associated with carbon emissions, like increased taxes and decreased competitiveness
  • connect with a network of businesses to learn about more operational efficiency opportunities
  • gain access to local utility rebates, often valued into the thousands for simple improvements
  • engage employees and enhance your brand
  • use the power of your business to solve our biggest social and environmental problems

Become Climate Smart Certified today!

There is space for 15 member businesses to access a $1,000 rebate on the Climate Smart training and certification program. Three 60-90 minute training sessions are provided, complemented by one-on-one coaching. The Climate Smart training supports businesses to complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory, identifying opportunities for emissions and cost reductions, and providing internal and external communications support. Businesses are provided with a detailed emissions inventory report, outlining their sources, the reduction plan they have committed to pursue, and anticipated savings.

This time-limited opportunity won’t last and the program will sell out, so don’t miss your chance to make your business Climate Smart. Fees for small businesses start as low as $500. For full pricing and training program details, visit

Do you want to be the last business in town with a fax machine, or ahead of the competition? With more than 800 businesses already Climate Smart certified, you’d better not delay.  


Randi Kruse
Marketing Strategist
Climate Smart