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2018 Archives

A Data Deficit: The Risk of Getting It Wrong (December 2018)

Our second segment examining Canada’s data framework, we explore how many nations are reacting to the use and abuse of personal information through privacy legislation.

A Competitive Transition: How smarter climate policy can help Canada lead the way to a low carbon economy (December 2018)

The real debate happening over climate change in Canada is not whether we need to transition to a lower carbon economy, but how to manage the process.

Crystal Ball Report - The Accelerating Pace of Change: Economic, Business and Policy Outlook for 2019 (December 2018)

The Crystal Ball Report identifies the economic, political and technological issues that will have a significant impact on business, investment and the economy in the coming year and highlights the implications for decision- and policy-makers.

Within our Control: Improving the regulation of business-Indigenous peoples’ relationships (November 2018)

Improving tools for businesses and Indigenous peoples to work better together will increase the fortunes of both and make us more competitive as a country.

B7 Communiqué (April 2018)

Recommendations to the G7 leaders from the B7 Business Summit.

Skills for an Automated Future (March 2018)

This report looks at how artificial intelligence and advanced robotics have the potential to either take over jobs or be the key to increased productivity and competitiveness within Canada.

10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins (February 2018)

This document lists the 10 ways Canada can seize right now to regain its competitiveness, improve its productivity and grow its economy and outlines the specific recommendations we will advocate throughout the year.

Crystal Ball Report (January 2018)

This report examines the most significant economic, political and technological issues facing Canadian business in order to forecast critical opportunities and challenges in the years ahead.