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Regulatory Reform Report Card (August 2019)

A year after the release of Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness, we are grading the federal government’s response to our regulatory recommendations and providing additional advice on how to continue improving Canada’s regulatory culture.

Lessons in Reconciliation: What we Heard in Saskatoon (June 2019)

On May 13, we sat down with business and Indigenous leaders in Saskatoon to hear what they had to say regarding reconciliation, what it means to them, their communities and their businesses.

CETA Issue in Focus: Opening Opportunities for the Canadian Crop Sector (April 2019)

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreements (CETA) may offer Canada preferential access to the European Union by removing almost all tariffs, but the trade deal does not necessarily mean that Canadian exports are not being blocked from entering the market by other means.

Cultivating Competitiveness: Turning Agri-food Regulatory Reform Promises into Action (April 2019)

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, the success of Canadian farmers and food manufacturers is closely linked to the performance of the regulatory systems that govern their activities.

Check Engine Light: Climate Policy Overheats Transportation Costs in Canada (April 2019)

This report highlights the need for flexible and reduced regulatory burdens to minimize the impact of climate policy on the competitiveness of Canada’s transportation sector.

The Unsavory Pancaking of Canada’s Climate Regulations: A High Cost Climate Strategy Canadian Businesses Find Hard to Swallow (March 2019)

Climate change is a defining issue of our times and Canadian businesses are prepared to play a role in combatting it, however that willingness is eroding, due to the prohibitive costs Canada’s climate polices have imposed on businesses across the country.

50 Years of Cutting and Pasting: Modernizing Canada’s Tax System (February 2019)

The last time Canada undertook a comprehensive review of its tax system, humankind had yet to set foot on the moon. In the five decades since, repeated cutting-and-pasting has left Canadian taxation uncompetitive, cumbersome and inefficient.

Data Fast Forward: A Prescription for Innovation, Balance and Trust (January 2019)

Our final segment examining Canada’s data framework, lays out our recommendations for keeping the innovation door open and recognize the need to rebuild trust in the online environment.