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2018 Archives

5 Minutes for Business: The Accelerating Pace of Change (December 2018)

This brief examines the accelerating pace of change in our economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Mentally Healthy Workplaces: The Best Investment Your Business Can Make (November 2018)

This brief explores how businesses need to focus inwards and begin investing in and improving how they navigate mental health in their workplace.

5 Minutes for Business: Good social media is good business (October 2018)

This brief explores how social media can be used to create economic growth and foster competitiveness for Canadian businesses.

5 Minutes for Business: New Industry, New Taxes, New Fees: Undermining the Fight against the Illegal Cannabis Market (September 2018)

This brief looks at some of the factors that will influence how effective Canada’s legal cannabis market is at reducing illegal sales once marijuana becomes legal on October 17.

5 Minutes for Business : GDPR an Example for the World? Be Careful of Fool’s Gold… (August 9)

In this brief, we weigh in on the debate between data protection and data driven innovation.

5 Minutes for Business: Latest on Canada-U.S. Tariffs (July 12)

This brief provides an update regarding the tariffs set between Canada and the United States.

5 Minutes for Business: State of the Economy (June 2018)

This brief looks at Canada’s economic performance and provides a forecast for what the latter half of the year might have in store for us.

5 Minutes for Business: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs (May 2018)

This brief looks at the looming threat of steel and aluminum tariffs being imposed by the United States.

5 Minutes for Business: Sometimes Sustainability Is Just another Word for Common Sense (April 2018)

This brief looks at the simplicity of implementing sustainability within the workplace and the fiscal outcome of these actions.