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2017 Archives

5 Minutes for Business: In Praise of Profits

This brief examines the role profits play in driving growth and assuring economic prosperity for Canadians and makes the case for championing a more profitable environment for Canadian business.

5 Minutes for Business: R v Comeau and the Fight for Interprovincial Free Trade (December 5)

This brief looks at the impacts the Supreme Court decision on the Comeau case will have on interprovincial trade.

5 Minutes For Business: Canada's Economy is Booming, But Will it Last? (November 9)

In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business, Hendrik Brakel shares his insight into Canada's booming economy in the second quarter and what we must consider to compete internationally.

5 Minutes for Business: Fighting for NAFTA—Better to Have No Deal than a Bad Deal (October 13)

This brief provides an update on the NAFTA negotiations and the potentially deal-breaking proposals U.S. negotiators have presented.

5 Minutes for Business: Hammering Business – Finance Canada’s New Crackdown (August 22)

This brief examines what is driving the government’s most radical tax overhaul in 50 years.

5 Minutes for Business: Infrastructure Spending—Real Bang for the Buck! (August 15)

This brief outlines three priority areas for infrastructure investment that would most benefit the Canadian economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Business Costs and Canadian Competitiveness—We're Not Crying Wolf (August 3)

This brief considers how the high costs of doing business in Canada impact the country's competitiveness.

5 Minutes for Business: Canucks in the Volunteer State (July 25)

This brief summarizes of our trade mission to Tennessee from July 5-7, 2017. Our mission was designed to provide Canadian business leaders with an opportunity to make the case for Canada as an important partner to the U.S., amidst the NAFTA renegotiation.

5 Minutes for Business: The Explosive Debate around Minimum Wage (July 20)

This brief considers whether modest increases in minimum wage are a benefit to workers or put their jobs in jeopardy.

5 Minutes for Business: Modernizing NAFTA – Come Join Our Campaign! (June 22)

This brief reflects on the relentless efforts of business communities around the world in support of trade what you can do to put the power of the network behind NAFTA.

5 Minutes for Business: How Europe Got Her Groove Back (June 8)

This brief reflects on the prosperous impact the European elections have fostered for both the European and Canadian economy.

5 Minutes for Business: Fast and Furious—Negotiating NAFTA (May 23)

This brief considers whether politics will interfere with renegotiating a better, modern NAFTA that will benefit Canadian business.

5 Minutes for Business: Exiting Europe and Terminating NAFTA – Have our Trading Partners Lost it?? (May 2)

This brief addresses the upcoming French election and the striking parallels to the U.S. presidential elections on issues regarding immigration, withdrawing from trade deals, and imposing border tariffs.

5 Minutes for Business: A Big Boost to Business Investment (April 11)

This brief addresses the Crown’s constitutional duty to consult with and accommodate Indigenous peoples whose rights could be affected through infrastructural developments.

5 Minutes for Business: Budget 2017 – Let’s Not “Wait and See” (March 28)

This brief addresses the release of the federal budget 2017 and how waiting for the U.S. tax reform will not benefit Canadian competitiveness.

5 Minutes for Business: The Number One Threat to America - Border Taxes (March 14)

This brief looks at the proposed Border Adjustment Tax and how it might be a bigger problem than we think.

5 Minutes for Business: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Federal Budget!) (February 28)

This brief looks at the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to deficits, innovation and taxes as we adapt our expectations to a new federal budget.

5 Minutes for Business: How to Persuade on Trade—Putting an extra “F” in NAFTA (February 14)

In this brief, Hendrik Brakel reflects on the Canada-U.S. trade partnership and how the uncertainty of the U.S.’s position on NAFTA could substantially impact employees, businesses and economies around the world.

5 Minutes for Business: 2017 – The Year when Populism Meets Policy (January 24)

In this edition, Hendrik Brakel ponders whether the global wave of populism we experienced in 2016 will translate into concrete policies and outlines his economic and political predictions for 2017.