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(OTTAWA) – December 10, 2019 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce today issued the following statement regarding the CUSMA negotiations.

The Canadian Chamber welcomes the announcement that negotiations have concluded on updating the CUSMA. North America will always remain Canada’s most important trade relationship, and today’s progress is a crucial milestone for Canadian businesses.

Over the last three years, Canadian businesses have sought certainty on the future of the North American trade relationship against the backdrop of a protectionist U.S. Administration whose NAFTA renegotiation strategy included imposing illegal steel and aluminium tariffs on Canadian exports and threats against other sectors.

We look forward to receiving further details regarding the impacts on our members, particularly in respect of the intellectual property provisions.

We thank Minister Freeland and her officials for their unwavering defence of Canadian interests at the negotiating table. The CUSMA, as signed last autumn, was an imperfect but necessary agreement to provide greater predictability in our relations with Canada’s largest trading partner. 

Since the initial agreement, the prolonged discussions required to secure a majority in the U.S. Congress have undermined business certainty. With the negotiations now concluded, all three parties must complete their ratification processes without further delay.”

About the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

With a broad network of corporate, association and local chamber members representing over 250,000 businesses of all sizes, in all sectors of the economy and in all regions, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is the largest, most representative and most influential business association in Canada. Since 1925, our mission is to foster business competitiveness and a strong economic environment that benefits all Canadians by creating the conditions for Canadian business to thrive. We do this by developing well-informed reports and positions on policies and regulations that are critical to creating a competitive and prosperous Canada; by mobilizing our vast and diverse network to advocate for government decisions and programs that strengthen our country and our communities; and by offering essential business services for members by members. For more information visit or follow @CdnChamberofCom on social media.


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