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Ottawa, April 19, 2018 – The Canadian Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement today in response to the Supreme Court decision on R v Comeau:

“While the Supreme Court has recognized that s. 121 of the Constitution Act, 1867 prohibits laws whose primary purpose is to impede interprovincial trade, we are disappointed that they missed an important opportunity to take a historic step toward freer interprovincial trade with a broader interpretation of s. 121.”

“Today’s decision will only reinforce most of the barriers that currently impede trade within Canada, driving up business costs, and hurting Canadian consumers. At a time when businesses are already facing challenges and uncertainty, a broader interpretation would have eliminated many of the protectionist practices that stand in the way of their ability to grow and prosper.

“In the wake of this decision, it is critical that the federal, provincial and territorial governments redouble efforts to modernize the rules governing interprovincial trade through the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.”

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business intervened before the Supreme Court of Canada in the matter of R v Comeau.