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Québec City, April 6, 2018—The leaders of the B7 business federations have issue a declaration to the G7 governments, containing 18 recommendations based on three broad themes: inclusive growth, resource efficiency and scaling up small business. These themes anchored discussions at the 2018 B7 Business Summit in Quebec, City, Canada, on April 5 and 6. They are rooted in a fundamental belief that the growth generated by freer trade provides the best tool to lift people out of poverty, create a bigger, more prosperous middle class and raise living standards for all. 

Achieving more open trade requires businesses and governments to stand together against protectionism. We must open markets by upholding our trade agreements and creating new ones and by strengthening institutions, like the World Trade Organization, that form the backbone of the global trading system. 

For more information, please consult the summary letter and full communiqué


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Guillaum Dubreuil
Senior Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations
Canadian Chamber of Commerce