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Take a look at one community, High River, where the High River & District Chamber of Commerce – a member of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (and of ours) – has had its office condemned. They can rent space but have lost records, equipment and more. They need to be able to set up and swing into action as soon as possible; their community needs them.

High River is not a big community – approximately 15,000 people live there – so you can imagine that while the chamber is healthy, it is not rich. This disaster has hit them hard but they are still trying to serve their townspeople.

Businesses are still waiting to get back on-premise. When they do, many of them will find that their buildings are declared structurally unsound; many will be dealing with insurance issues for both personal and business losses. Many will want to know about monies available to assist them. They will need a strong chamber of commerce to get back on their feet.

A video–posted earlier this week–shows what shape the town is still in. It’s now a week after the floods and people are still waiting to get back to their homes, their businesses, and their lives.

High River is one affected chamber/community. There are others that face similar challenges and their business communities are turning to their chambers for help.

That’s where you can assist. The Alberta Chambers of Commerce has set up a fund to help chambers in need – help them stay open and help them serve their communities. Many chambers and businesses are in similar-sized communities; think of what a disaster like this could do to your chamber/community. As a pan-Canadian chamber network, this is a case when the network can come together.

Cheques (made out to Chamber Relief Trust) can be sent to the attention of Ken Kobly, c/o the Alberta Chambers of Commerce; or you can send electronic funds transfers to Ken Kobly.

Please consider assisting your fellow chambers in Alberta and help reinforce the value that local chamber offices bring to their communities.

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