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What do all successful businesses have in common? A healthy and consistent cash flow. But getting to a point where you’re able to bring in a steady stream is easier said than done and securing necessary funding to keep business growing can prove difficult. 

Many turn to working capital to help navigate costs during slower seasons and increase business funds for future growth, too. While banks offer traditional loans and lines of credit to assist business owners in their plans, it’s never a simple or straightforward process for approval. 

As part of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s new Essential Business Services (EBS), you can now access a Capital Loan - the easiest way to get the credit you need when you need it.

Why businesses need access to working capital

A Capital Loan assists business in a number of ways. In slower seasons, having access to extra funds can help maintain consistent cash flow, but those funds can also be used to grow a business’s operations, address larger orders and expand into additional locations. In short, the loan helps take the pressure off.

But getting access to capital through large financial institutions like big banks isn’t always easy. The process is long-winded, too complicated and often disappointing with many businesses finding rejection rather than approval for their credit needs.

Ario -  the simple, flexible solution

Offering a range of digital financial services, Ario helps small- and medium-sized businesses achieve that all-important financial freedom quickly and easily.

Ario proudly offers its Capital Loan tool as part of EBS. As easy as clicking a mouse, Canadian Chamber members can now apply for a capital loan in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee. Simply fill out the 10-minute online application and receive a decision on approval within 24 hours.

It’s easy, flexible and free to apply. Find out how you can access your own Capital loan today.

To learn more about EBS, click here.


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