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On the third day of policy wins we want to celebrate the commitment towards much needed and long overdue regulatory reform for Canadian businesses.

This year, we launched Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness, along with Regulate Smarter website to assess Canada’s regulatory shortcomings and recommend systemic improvements to Canada’s burdensome and inefficient regulatory environment. The report’s findings have not only been well received by industry and stakeholders, but by the government.

In the Fall Economic Update, the federal government unveiled a number of regulatory reform commitments, most of which were pulled from the recommendations in Death by 130,000 Cuts. Some of the implemented recommendations include establishing a government-business regulatory competitiveness working group, as well as putting more resources towards simplifying regulatory frameworks and developing mechanisms to reduce overall regulatory burdens and accelerate improvements.

To continue this course of action, we released a new regulatory report earlier this month, Within Our Control: Improving the Regulation of Business-Indigenous Peoples’ Relationships, which is the first of a series that will focus on narrow yet critical areas of federal regulation.

In 2019, we will continue our important work to ensure these commitments are followed through on and business sees the much needed reduction in red tape and regulatory burden.

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