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April 22 is Earth Day, a chance to demonstrate support for environmental protection. The Canadian Chamber is working with the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet @Work Campaign and HP Canada to recognize the businesses making Canada’s workplaces more sustainable. We’re looking for testimonials from chamber or their members on the following question: What have you done to make your work place more sustainable? Submissions must include: 1) a photo, and 2) a brief text, no more then 200 words, explaining your workplace’s contribution to sustainability. An organization must be a chamber of commerce, a member of a chamber of commerce or a past participant in the Living Planet @Work Campaign to enter.

We will feature 15 submissions from different regions in Canada on Canadian Chamber facebook, twitter and LinkedIn pages on Earth Day. The three most compelling stories get a permanent home on the WWF’ Living Planet @Work’s testimonial page. The business with the best story will receive a Sprocket Photo Printer courtesy of HP Canada. To submit your story, send the photo and testimonial to Natalie Bergeron at

Don’t have a sustainability story to share? The WWF’s Living Planet @Work website provides a suit of tools to help you get started on building a more environmentally friendly workplace.

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