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On November 11th, we will reflect on the sacrifices millions of Canadians made to preserve our nation’s freedom. The Chamber would like to thank our veterans who gave up so much for their fellow citizens, as well as our current Armed Forces members who dedicate their lives to protecting this country.

The contributions of our military extend beyond peace and freedom. As the voice of Canadian business, we would be remiss not to acknowledge our forces’ significant participation in the local economies and communities where they serve across Canada. In 2017-18, there will be 91,130 men and women employed in regular and civilian forces, which doesn’t even include at least 27,000 members of reserve force personnel. Even after service, the range of skills, education and training of military personnel continue to give back to Canada’s economy as they enter civilian occupations in need of their unique abilities.

From promoting peace overseas to responding to natural disasters here at home, our Armed Forces exemplify the very values that make us Canadian: selflessness, hard work and willingness to help others. On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, please join us as we honor the brave men and women who have made it their life mission to carry out our common goal of a free and safe Canada.

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