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Securing websites for Canadian organizations

Despite massive investments in security hackers find a way to break things, and break into things.

One of the tools being used to target organizations is through the Domain Name System, or DNS. The DNS is like the Internet’s phonebook and it is what translates the human-readable website address into IP address that computers understand.

The DNS is vulnerable to DDoS attacks that flood servers and make them unavailable. A hacker can also hijack your DNS and point it to their own websites to embarrass your organization or steal customer data.


Image caption: A hacker hijacked the DNS of the Air Malaysia website and redirected it to with an image of a smoking lizard

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) runs the DNS for .CA domains. Recognizing the threats they launched a service to help protect organizations. This service,

1.    Answers Canadian traffic from Canadian servers and international traffic internationally. Since the vast majority of DDoS attacks originate off-shore attacks get soaked-up there and your website is safe.


Image caption: Arbor networks digital attack map showing a day where Canada was the #1 recipient of DDoS traffic in the world.


2.    Provides a Domain Lock to secure against hijacking by not allowing unauthorized changes to your DNS at the registry level.

Chamber members are critical for all Canadians, so CIRA is delivering our security services at a special bundle price.

Learn more about how CIRA can help protection your chamber and your members businesses at or by contacting Sarah Brimacombe, Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) or by email


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