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Every other week, we release 5 Minutes for Business, a publication written by Hendrik Brakel, our Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy. The result of last night’s presidential election generated sadness, fear and disbelief. With an entire population left completely blindsided by the results of the U.S. presidential election, the only logical step moving forward is to ask ourselves, where do we go from here? And, as Canadians, what does this mean for our businesses? To what extent will Mr. Trump actually proceed with what he’s outlined in his campaign?

With his opposition to trade, Mr. Trump’s victory means big consequences for Canada. Proving that NAFTA is in America’s best interest will be of the utmost priority with him transitioning to the White House. As far as climate goes, it is difficult to determine a global agenda if Mr. Trump proceeds with pulling the US out of the Paris Climate deal and rescind President Obama’s regulations on C02 emissions. On the state of the U.S. economy, Hendrik Brakel outlines a whole series of assumptions that could potentially determine an outcome.

Read 5 Minutes for Business to learn the driving factors behind last night’s victory, and what should be top of mind for Canadian government, diplomats and businesses moving forward.

For more information, please contact Hendrik Brakel.

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