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This video highlights the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s achievements during the past year along with some of the most significant moments within the chamber network—moments of recognition, of celebration and even of difficulty.

Operating in an innovative and competitive country, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce ensured Canadian business priorities were of the utmost importance. Thanks to your continued efforts and support, we celebrated a number of meaningful wins for the Canadian business sector. It was through moments of challenge, however, that we witnessed both the power and resilience of our network.

We have been truly humbled by the kind and accommodating nature of our members throughout the year. Our network has provided a substantial amount of support in reaching out during the tragedy that struck Fort McMurray as well as the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Canada. The presence and impact of our network has played a key role in connecting communities across the country.

This video highlights the true strength of our members and what it means to be a part of our network. We look forward to what challenges the future may bring.

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