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Every other week, we release 5 Minutes for Business, a publication written by Hendrik Brakel, our Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy. In these publications, Hendrik briefly describes current issues that affect the Canadian economy and provides insight on what it will mean for Canadians today and the future. In this week’s edition, he looks at the best way to improve the skills of the Canadian workforce.  

It’s estimated that 65% of children now entering grade school will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet and that a young person entering the workforce today will change jobs 15 times in her career! But this isn’t some far off problem for our kids to deal with. Even today, we’re hearing from businesses across the country that their inability to access skilled workers is one of Canada’s biggest barriers to competitiveness. 

So what should young people be studying?

Read 5 Minutes for Business to find out.

For more information, please contact Hendrik Brakel.

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