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Today, we released a report that advocates the need to invest in trade-enabling infrastructure in order to maintain our competitiveness in global markets. In The Infrastructure that Matters Most, which we produced in cooperation with the Canada West Foundation, we make five recommendations to the federal government:


  1. Make trade infrastructure an equal priority in the $120-billion Federal Infrastructure Plan
  2. Make trade infrastructure investment decisions using merit-based criteria
  3. Renew the federal commitment to Canada’s trade corridors
  4. Partner with industry to develop a national trade infrastructure committee
  5. Consider the proposed federal infrastructure bank to enhance trade infrastructure investment


For our export-based economy, trade-enabling infrastructure is the category of infrastructure that has the strongest connection to our long-term global competitiveness and economic well-being. Canada is in the process of finalizing key trade agreements with Europe and with countries in Asia. For these trade agreements to be most beneficial for Canada, we have to be able to take full advantage of them, and that means getting our goods and services to market by land, air and sea as efficiently as possible.

Read The Infrastructure that Matters Most.

If you have any questions about the report, please contact Ryan Greer, Director, Transportation and Infrastructure Policy.

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