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Every other week, we release 5 Minutes for Business, a publication written by Hendrik Brakel, our Senior Director of Economic, Financial and Tax Policy. In these publications, Hendrik briefly describes current issues that affect the Canadian economy and provides insight on what it will mean for Canadians today and the future. In this week’s edition, Hendrik is at Star Wars level of excitement over the federal budget, which will be tabled on March 22, because the stakes are huge for the government and expectations are sky-high.

Will an empire of program spending overwhelm the plucky investments in productivity? Will the evil deficit be defeated in one of the sequels or will it conquer the planet? Will the youthful lord follow in the footsteps of his father?

Come March 22, we’ll be watching for spending for productivity-enhancing, trade-enabling infrastructure, a reasonable plan to return to balanced budgets and measures to boost business competitiveness.  

Read 5 Minutes for Business.

For more information, please contact Hendrik Brakel.

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