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Photos of tour

Natural resources are the foundation of the Canadian economy. However, Canadians living in urban areas do not always see the link between their prosperity and resource developments located hundreds of miles away. We organized tours for executives of chambers of commerce—our resource champions—to learn more about the resource sectors, generate awareness of the benefits of natural resources in parts of Canada that would not normally hear of these sectors and build business connections. Following these tours, the executives returned to their chambers of commerce to report to their members and communities on what they learned.

Gateway to Asia Tour
In late September, we organized a tour to the west coast of British Columbia to learn about the opportunities and challenges facing the local energy, mining, forestry and fishing industries. This tour gave chamber executives the opportunity to learn about the key issues regarding B.C.’s export infrastructure, which is essential to the economic prosperity of the entire country. As the gateway to the rapidly growing economies of Asia, B.C.’s export infrastructure will play a key role in Canada’s ability to diversify its export markets and create economic ties to the region that will drive future economic growth.

While on the tour, chamber executives were encouraged to take photographs and share their experiences through Twitter using the hashtag #GatewayToAsiaTour. See the highlights from the tour.

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