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Perrin with Prime Minister Trudeau

While in Antalya, Turkey at the B20 Summit, I had the opportunity to meet individually with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Finance Bill Morneau to discuss the priorities of Canadian business.

One of the priorities for Canadian business should be to have a laser-like focus on economic prosperity. In Canada’s case, our prosperity is linked to our capacity to trade on international markets, and I mentioned our support for trade-enhancing infrastructure.

The meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau was very positive. The fact that the Chamber had such an early opportunity to meet with him shows how important he considers the priorities of business to be.

We discussed many of the topics that are top of mind at the B20, such as the implementation of new financial regulations and how to tackle climate change while supporting business. The Prime Minister also brought up the subjects of youth employment and long-term infrastructure investment in his B20 speech.

It was energizing to discuss these ideas for Canada with the Prime Minister. There’s a lot of room for collaboration, and we will continue to seize the opportunities to focus on common objectives, such as prosperity and competitiveness.

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