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I want to congratulate Justin Trudeau on the election of a Liberal majority. Having a stable majority government will permit Mr. Trudeau to put in place a strong plan to promote Canada’s competitiveness. During the campaign, the Liberals set out their vision for our economy. Their plan to invest in new infrastructure, if done strategically, will be positive for Canada’s economy. As the Canadian Chamber stressed in our election platform, new transportation infrastructure will increase access to markets for Canadian businesses of all sizes.

The Canadian Chamber network was active across Canada throughout the campaign, holding a series of events across the country to promote the business community’s priorities. Its election platform, A Canada That Wins, highlighted Access to a Powerful Workforce, Access to Markets, Access to Capital and Access to Technology and Innovation as key priorities for the next government to focus on to increase Canada’s competitiveness.

Many of the positions in the Liberal program align with our priorities. Mr. Trudeau’s plan to invest $40 million annually to increase co-op placements for students in science, technology, engineering ,and mathematics, along with the creation of business programs to help employers create new placements for students, will help provide Canada with the workforce we need to compete internationally. We will press the new government to avoid a return to structural deficits, but we are confident we can use the resolutions adopted during last weekend’s annual general meeting to find common ground that will help grow the economy.

The 200,000 businesses represented by the Canadian Chamber network look forward to working with the new government to help grow our economy. We all want to go in the same direction: building a Canada that wins.

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