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On October 5th, Canada and 11 of our top trading partners successfully concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.

The historic trade deal has landed in the midst of a federal election campaign and there’s a lot of debate about what it means for Canadian businesses, jobs and the economy.

Canada and other governments have started posting details of the agreement and the final text will be available soon.

But in the meantime, we’ve prepared a document that answers some of the key questions businesses are asking across Canada (French version forthcoming):

- Why does Canada sign agreements like the TPP?

- What makes this agreement so special?

- Which industries will gain the most?

- How will the TPP affect Canadian manufacturers and farmers?

- What does it mean for innovation and technology?

- What happens if we aren’t part of TPP?

- When does it come into effect?

Stay tuned as we get more details.

For more information, please contact Cam Vidler at or 613.238.4000 (230).

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