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The 2015 federal election campaign is officially underway and we will be making several tools available to our members. In May we launched our federal election platform A Canada that Wins which provides our members and the political parties with an overview of the critical business issues we will be watching most closely. We will keep members updated on the parties’ positions on these (and other) building blocks of a more competitive economy and prosperous Canada and will report back to members on the parties’ positions on/commitments to addressing them should they form the next government.

We will soon be following up with the federal parties with questionnaires to ask them to outline their commitments to each of the issues in our platform and will share their responses with our members. Members will be hearing from us soon regarding other tools to assist them – and their own members – in assessing the federal parties’ positions. 

The federal parties are welcome to contact our Director, Parliamentary Affairs, Susanna Cluff-Clyburne for further details on our federal election program.

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