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Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership are entering a critical phase this week with the negotiators and trade ministers of the countries involved meeting in Maui from July 28 to 31. In advance of the meeting, we wrote to the Hon. Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, to express our support for a successful conclusion of the TPP agreement. Read the letter.

Covering 40% of the global economy and almost 800 million people, the TPP will create jobs, encourage innovation and give Canadians access to new products and services. The agreement will give Canadian companies unprecedented market access to Japan and other Asian countries, strengthen the North American economy and lay new foundations for trade growth throughout the Pacific. Canada faces difficult economic times ahead, and the TPP will give Canada the tools it needs to compete and win in a global marketplace.

Canadians know international trade is essential to Canada’s economic well-being. But for trade to flourish, countries need to agree on the rules of the game. That’s what the TPP is all about. For Canada, the decision is clear: we either step up and shape the rules or we sit on the sidelines while others write them for us. We trust our representatives to make the right choice this week in Maui and to come back with a positive and comprehensive agreement.

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