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On June 9, Canada’s provincial, territorial and federal trade ministers announced that they are committed to renegotiating an internal trade deal by March 2016. Here at the Canadian Chamber, we welcomed the announcement with enthusiasm as we have been pushing for the dismantling of internal trade barriers for years; this issue has also been part of our list of the Top 10 Barriers to Competitiveness since 2013.

This new agreement is the first step towards breaking down a significant barrier, leading to a more competitive and eventually a more prosperous Canada.

As part of the Business Alliance, composed of the country’s top business associations, we called for a domestic trade deal as ambitious and as comprehensive as any trade agreement with another country. The agreement should enhance regulatory cooperation among jurisdictions, provide for mutual recognition of goods and services and ensure an effective and efficient dispute resolution mechanism.

We look forward to contributing to the next steps in the reform process.

Read the press release issued by the Business Alliance.

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