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The annual Tourism Week in Canada takes place from May 31 to June 6. To highlight the economic and cultural impacts of tourism, we are encouraging our members, partners and the Twittersphere to take part in our #StandUpForTourism “Twibbon” campaign.

It’s very simple: Beginning today, we’re calling on the Canadian chamber network and friends to download our #StandUpForTourism Twibbon, a ribbon that will be easily and temporarily added to your Facebook and Twitter avatar photo, as part of our grassroots tourism initiative. We want to showcase the most interesting, unusual and beautiful attractions from Canada so that all political parties understand the importance of tourism and make strong fiscal commitments to the tourism sector as we head into a federal election.

“Canadians are very fortunate to be able to enjoy breathtaking natural locations, interesting attractions and unique historical sites all over the country, and we want to share that with the world. Also, tourism is an important part of our economy, and every dollar invested in promoting tourism can generate up to $10 in returns. For all of those reasons, we’re taking to Twitter this week to let politicians and their constituents know that it’s time to Stand Up For Tourism,” said Canadian Chamber President and CEO Perrin Beatty. “This is a fantastic grassroots social media campaign, and I am excited to be taking part in it.”

We will be tweeting facts about the Canadian tourism industry throughout the week, in addition to showcasing tourism landscapes and attractions from all corners of the country. Join the conversation by using #StandUpForTourism and mentioning your local chamber and your Member of Parliament in your tweets.

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We will also be encouraging Members of Parliament and Senators to tweet out their favourite Canadian vacation spot or touristic attraction.

To download our #StandUpForTourism Twibbon, click here.

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