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Canadian Chamber urges focus on competitiveness for the future

The 2015 federal budget is a good starting point for positioning Canada as a top-tier international competitor, but more needs to be done.

We salute the fact that the government presented a balanced budget. But this only serves to bring us to base camp; we still have a mountain to climb. To keep the budget balanced in the future and give us a fighting chance against international competitors, the government’s priority must now shift to economic growth and global competitiveness. Our prosperity depends on Canadian business winning in the global marketplace.

We particularly welcome the renewed investments in infrastructure, initiatives to improve Canada’s skilled workforce and initiatives to improve access to capital, three measures we have been actively advocating in the last year. The creation of a national Development Finance Initiative, which will help convert impoverished countries into business partners, is also a long-standing recommendation of ours.

By recognizing that Canadian businesses need improved access to skilled workers, international markets and capital, the government is setting the building blocks for a more competitive Canada. However, there are still many steps to take. Access to game-changing technology must also be improved, and more can still be done to link skills training to the needs of the market. This budget is an important starting point, but we still have a long way to go.

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