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Today, the B20 Coalition, presided by the Canadian Chamber’s President and CEO, Perrin Beatty, released its Global Business Outlook for 2015 (GBO 2015).

The Coalition, which brings together leading independent industry associations and business organizations from G20 countries and represents 6.8 million businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, acknowledges that economic recovery is proceeding at a modest pace and, that of late, the global economic landscape has been marred by skewed global output, geopolitical crises, divergent cross-country performances, subdued investments, soft commodity prices and slow growth in world trade.

In the GBO 2015, the Coalition presses the leadership of G20 governments to implement key reforms. President of the B20 Coalition, Perrin Beatty, said, “The situation necessitates urgent implementation of committed policy measures by the governments of G20 nations to address structural reforms, fiscal adjustments, monetary policy, labor reforms, trade facilitation and technology promotion.”

Members of the B20 Coalition believe that in aiming for robust and sustainable growth, governments must undergo a paradigm shift. “Government must transition to being a catalyst, nurturing an enabling environment, where large corporations, SMEs and small self-employed entrepreneurs can all flourish,” said Beatty.

In the GBO 2015, the Coalition calls for well-balanced policy initiatives that give priority to removing capacity bottlenecks and enhancing investment and demand; initiatives that focus on sound fiscal and monetary policies and encompass an agenda for inclusive growth with an added dimension of social reforms.

Consult the B20 Coalition’s Global Business Outlook for 2015.

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