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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce welcomes today’s announcement on a preclearance agreement between Canada and the United States. Such an agreement has long been promised and was one of the commitments made in the 2011 Beyond the Borders Agreement. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has long called for such an agreement and believes that new preclearance operations will greatly improve the competitiveness of North American trade.

Today’s announcement will allow both CBSA and U.S. CBP officers to conduct preclearance operations in each other’s territory. A similar agreement has been in place at a number of Canadian airports for several years and has been a massive success. Such preclearance operations greatly reduce congestion at the border and allow for streamlined processing of trusted trade and travel.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with authorities on both sides of the border to ensure the efficient rollout of this initiative. More information on the details of this landmark agreement can be found here.

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