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Today, we unveiled the Top 10 Barriers to Competitivenessfor 2015. These are the key policy and regulatory barriers that are preventing Canadian businesses from reaching their full potential and, in turn, Canada from improving its productivity and economic prosperity. Through this initiative, we are bringing these barriers to the forefront and are urging all levels of government to act more swiftly to improve our country’s ability to compete globally.

Tolerating these barriers is simply not an option. We must act urgently to improve our competitiveness or we will pay a high price in lost jobs and prosperity. We are calling on our members, on governments, on educators, on labour organizations and others to tackle these issues as overcoming these 10 barriers will go a long way towards restoring Canada’s competitive edge. Our success will be determined by how well we can all work together to develop the solutions to break down the barriers to our competitiveness and to create more opportunities and greater prosperity for Canadian businesses and families.

Since launching this initiative in 2012, we have made great progress in furthering our competiveness agenda, particularly in addressing the barrier our members identified as being the greatest impediment to the success of Canadian business: the growing skills gap. The federal government and several provincial and territorial governments have also named this issue as the country’s biggest challenge.

I urge you to endorse and actively support this important initiative. Together, we can build a stronger future.

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