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Fabien Gélinas, a McGill law professor, arbitrator and former General Counsel of the ICC Court, was elected to succeed Barry Leon of Perley-Robertson LLP, Hill & McDougall as Chair of ICC Canada’s Arbitration Committee. Stephen Drymer, Head of International Arbitration and ADR at Woods LLP, was elected Vice-Chair. Under a new leadership structure approved earlier this year, Drymer will succeed Gélinas in two years.

“I’m honoured by this peer recognition and I am pleased to take the helm at such an exciting time,” Gélinas said. “Canada has a deep talent pool which is being tapped mostly on the surface, so there is tremendous growth potential in the export of arbitration services, both arbitrators and arbitration counsel,” said Drymer. Leon added, “People around the world are increasingly recognizing the multiple advantages of Canada as a seat of arbitration. That’s also an important growth area.”

The ICC International Court of Arbitration is one of the oldest and most respected venues for international arbitration. Operating as ICC Canada, the Canadian Chamber is the national committee to the ICC International Court of Arbitration and provides a critical voice to policy issues that are affecting Canadian businesses. The Canadian Chamber has a thriving Arbitration Committee that is home to top arbitral experts in Canada and abroad.

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