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This week, the B20 Coalition is releasing a series of recommendations to address with G20 policymakers four key issues of importance to the international business community.

To boost the fragile economic recovery, the B20 Coalition has identified four key areas where coordinated policy action is urgently required to nurture growth and job creation: trade and investment, fiscal responsibility, energy, and infrastructure and investment. The members of the B20 Coalition call on the G20 leaders for strong action in each area to create an environment in which the private sector can contribute to the fullest extent to the rebound from recession.

The B20 Coalition represents today’s job creators, and it is important the issues its members have identified as key priorities should be tackled head-on by our nations’ leaders. The private sector is part of the solution and it is essential that it is closely involved with the G20 process right from the selection of priorities to the implementation of the leaders’ decisions. The B20 Coalition, as business leaders of the G20, has to continue to cooperate closely with governments to help build a stronger recovery across the globe.

Canadian Chamber President and CEO Perrin Beatty is Chair of the B20 Coalition.

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