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Recent developments in Ukraine and Russia have forced the European Union (EU) to look at diversifying its external energy supplies and upgrading its energy infrastructure. In these times of uncertainty and rapid change, Canada can be a stable ground for Europe. The conversation is changing in Europe and it is important for Canadian businesses to seize the momentum.

Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, will lead a delegation of Canadian businesses to Brussels June 18-19 to discuss what Canada has to offer and how we can deepen the relationship.

“As recent events have demonstrated, much of Europe’s oil and gas is imported from places with a proven willingness to use their petroleum as a tool for geopolitical manipulation,” stated Perrin Beatty. “The EU has too few energy partners, dependable traders who share EU values such as environmental protection and respect for democracy. Canada can be an energy partner to the EU.”

In addition to meeting with senior policy makers, business leaders and key influencers, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with our partner association in Europe, BUSINESSEUROPE, is organizing a roundtable discussion on June 19 on how Canada can be a secure energy partner for the EU.

“A closer energy partnership between Canada and the EU cannot happen overnight, as it will take several years to build the requisite infrastructure. But if we start today, we can build a future where Canada provides a secure and environmentally responsible source of energy for the people of Europe.”

The European Council will hold a special meeting of the Heads of State on Energy Security on June 26-27.

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