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Moving Oil by Water

Oil and its transportation have become one of the most pressing policy debates of the last few years. In order to preserve Canada’s economic competitiveness,Canada needs to make a series of decisions about transportation infrastructure.

The oil industry, while largely based in Alberta and Saskatchewan, touches the Canadian economy as a whole. This broader economic benefit happens through the purchase of goods and services from companies based in other provinces, contributions to federal and provincial tax revenue and the provision of remittances from oil sands workers and investment opportunities for pension plans. This is truly about the economic good of Canada as a whole.

British Columbia, Canada’s gateway to Asia, is at the heart of these discussions. The issue is complex, and there is a lot of conflicting information on the risks and benefits. We believe there are a few key facts—five, in particular—that need to be a greater part of the discussion about transporting oil by water.

At the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, we are committed to having this discussion. The choices we make will shape our economy for years to come.

As Canadians, we all need to be part of this discussion.

Click here to view our infographic.

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