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This guest blog post is provided by Paul Frazer, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s Special Advisor on Canada-U.S. Relations.

The Obama administration’s recently released draft rule targeting carbon emissions in U.S. power plants has been both lauded and denounced from all sides. Environmental groups hold up the regulation as a flexible and sensible solution to reduce CO2 emissions and quickly address climate change. Other interests (mostly industry and opposing political forces) already are seeking ways to thwart what they see as an example of government overreach and an impediment to the competitiveness of American industry.

Despite domestic wrangling on this issue, this much is clear: this proposal represents a significant opportunity for Canadian business. Increases in U.S. demand for more efficient and renewable energy sources affords an opportunity to showcase Canada’s proven work in these sectors. Industry and government work in advanced and renewable energy technologies presents a new opportunity in clean energy exports, thus enhancing Canadian business and government roles in the North American economy.

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