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As the world slowly emerges from recession, B20 Coalition members have identified five key areas where action is urgently required to bolster the recovery and create an enabling business environment. Our members, across the globe, have identified the following priorities for coordinated policy action: trade and investment, fiscal responsibility, energy, infrastructure and investment, and the digital economy. We also acknowledge the importance of investing in human capital, which runs as a thread through all these issues.

The B20 Coalition will be calling on G20 Leaders for action in each area so as to create an environment in which the private sector can contribute to the fullest extent to boosting fragile economic recovery. The B20 Coalition represents today’s job creators and it is important that the issues our members have identified as key priorities be tackled head-on by our leaders. The private sector is part of the solution and we need to be involved in the discussions right from the beginning.

The B20 Coalition, chaired by Perrin Beatty, is a group of leading independent business associations from G20 countries, has a shared mission to address G20 policymakers on behalf of more than 6.5 million businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.

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