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“Jim Flaherty has made an incredible contribution to the government and to public life in Canada,” Canadian Chamber of Commerce President Perrin Beatty said today, upon hearing that Canada’s Finance Minister would step down from Cabinet.

“Since he first entered the legislature in Ontario in 1995, and through eight grueling years as federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty has brought energy and principle to politics. He listened attentively, deliberated fairly and led decisively. And he guided Canada’s economy successfully during a period of global economic turbulence. You can’t ask for more from a Finance Minister.”

Mr. Beatty said the economic strategies championed by Mr. Flaherty are serving Canada well. “Today our country has one of the strongest economies in the developed world. Mr. Flaherty has charted a course that the Chamber of Commerce strongly endorses, relying on free markets and fair government rules to bring prosperity to our country. The Minister’s decisions to reduce small business taxes and then corporate taxes, has helped make investment in Canada an attractive option for Canadians and foreign capital alike.”

“Jim Flaherty will be sorely missed in the halls of government. We should all be grateful for his service to Canada.”

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