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Today, the Minister of International Trade launched a new international education strategy aimed at attracting more international researchers and students to Canada, deepening the research links between Canadian and foreign educational institutions and establishing a pan-Canadian partnership with all key education stakeholders, including provinces and territories and the private sector. The strategy is the result of extensive consultations by an advisory panel and is an important part of the recently announced Global Markets Action Plan.

We applaud this initiative as it will strengthen Canada’s hand in the competition for global talent. With the doubling of foreign student recruitment and new funding for international research and training programs, Canada is now in a better position to attract the best people around the globe. We’re a strong believer that global education networks help build bridges for business into new markets, supporting Canada’s trade and diplomacy.

The international education strategy shows that the government is taking real action to make our country more competitive, innovative and prosperous—all keys to success in a fiercely competitive global marketplace. Focusing on the markets and sectors, including international education, where Canada has a clear advantage will create jobs and economic growth here at home and also address labour challenges such as skills shortages and those related to an aging population.

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