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Today, we issued a report entitled The Foundations of a Competitive Canada: The Need for Strategic Infrastructure Investment. Our report examines the poor state of Canada’s public infrastructure and makes recommendations for a long-term investment strategy to bring Canada’s infrastructure back to the level needed to support prosperity.

Modern and efficient infrastructure is a core component of a competitive economy. Public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, highways, water systems and the electrical grid provide services critical to economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life. Without sufficient investment and upkeep of public infrastructure stock, countries rapidly fall behind.

Unfortunately, Canadian public investment in infrastructure has not kept up with our economic needs and our investment needs far outstrip the availability of public funds. To succeed, we not only need to attract new levels of private investment, but we must also ensure our investments are made strategically, effectively and efficiently.

Bringing infrastructure in Canada back to the level needed to support prosperity will not be easy. It will require an ongoing commitment by all levels of government and active engagement with private sector stakeholders. We have to change the dialogue from “catch-up” investments or “economic recovery” to investing in our competitiveness as a country.

Access the report.

For more information, please contact Leah Littlepage, Director, Canada-U.S. and Transportation Policy.

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